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Circle of Touch Massage - quality care and healing touch for all stages of life.

Whether you have stress-related pains, are suffering from an injury, or simply need a relaxing hour to yourself, Circle of Touch Massage offers an individualized healing and relaxation care plan. As our client you will be treated with genuine care and respect through every step of the process.

While I am trained in many types of massage therapy, my main focus is to provide healing and relaxation. It seems simple enough, but once the results of these treatments are realized they are often life-changing.

It is difficult to grasp just how damaging an injury can be to a person's entire wellbeing. Physical trauma anywhere on the body causes a ripple effect that sometimes isn't noticed. When an injury occurs, that area obviously needs to heal. But what usually gets missed is that now the bones, muscles, and skin all around the injury have to work extra hard to "pick up the slack" for the injured area. Those overworked areas have added stress and start causing the same for areas further outward. What started as an injured pinky could end up being a painful arm, neck and back as well. This continues until the original injury is healed, each overworked area becomes less stressed, and the body relaxes.

The concept applies to stress and depression as well. When the brain is sad or stressed it sends sad and stressed signals to the rest of the body through hormones. Even though a physical injury has not occurred the body reacts as though one has. Stress is felt and carried in the muscles which causes the same overworked ripple effect throughout the entire body with aches and pains appearing everywhere.

Massage therapy is a wonderful tool used to combat this ripple effect. Massage allows each overworked area to rest, return to its original calm state and essentially start fresh. With less areas overworked, the body is able to heal from the injury more quickly. Whether pain results from physical trauma or stress, massage has been proven to release stress, relieve pain, create balance and allow your body to heal faster. Physical touch alone reduces loneliness and depression which can be contributing factors to stress.

While massage therapy may not be the only solution to your pain, I truly believe it will help immensely. Massage should also be used in conjunction with other pain management treatments.

It is my greatest honor to practice massage therapy and provide healing to others. Circle of Touch massage has recently returned to Michigan after being in Alaska for a few years. We are excited to accept new clients at this time.

Please give me a call today to begin your healing experience.