I believe the best testimonials come directly from the people I've helped.  If you would like to share your massage experience with others, please email your comment and I will display it here. Thank you!


* Very nice hands and ability to meet the requests I made of her at the start. Excellent job!  L H Alaska

* Sharon has a caring/compassionate nurturing touch. Smooth, soft hands. Pleasant personality.  C P Alaska

* Best massage I have ever had! Including the Mountain Resort in Indonesia!  Alaska

* I have been a weekly client of Sharon's for the past year and have nothing but good things to say about her as a massage therapist and a person.  Her kind and gentle personality radiates into her massages and makes her the best massage therapist I have ever had.  Sharon has a calming nature about her that helps you relax as soon as the massage begins.  She is exactly the massage therapist her mission statement describes.  She provides healing and comfort and goes above and beyond what is expected of her.   M C Michigan

* I first saw Sharon in December of 2011. She has a way of making a person feel very comfortable...taking your clothes off and letting another person touch you is enough to keep many people from experiencing the benefits of massage.  When I first saw Sharon, I had a lump the size of a key lime on the top of my right foot. This lump had been there for at least a year. I had been to the podiatrist and was told it was not cancerous and that to cut it off might not work because it could grow back. I had received prayer for this lump on several occasions and had total faith that it would disappear.  Sharon took special care with my feet that day and shortly after I noticed the lump was about half the size. Then after my second visit with her the lump was completely gone! Now I give God all the glory for this healing, but I know that He sometimes uses people to help minister as well. Sharon has a very calming, sweet spirit. I also could feel totally at ease talking during my massage and releasing some of the "junk" knowing that what I said would never be repeated.  I also knew that if I wanted to I could even fall asleep.  I had only received a few massages in my life before seeing Sharon.  After seeing her I immediately purchased one of her package deals that she offered. She by far is the person I would want to continue seeing if she were not moving to Alaska.  I wish her the best and know that she will touch many lives wherever she goes.  T G Michigan

* Sharon Schandel was my massage therapist in Escanaba, Michigan every week as much as my schedule would allow.  She was highly referred to me by my best friend who has extreme health issues.  She was the BEST massage therapist I have found since I moved here in 2001.  I have a massage once a week to help with my stress and back problems.  She would give me such a wonderful massage and relax me so much I would find it difficult not to fall asleep.  She has a wonderful ability to relax you and make the stress disappear.  All the other massage therapists in this area insist on hurting you to accomplish relief.  Sharon has a special gift to give her clients relief with the gentlest touch, without pain, and incredible results.  She has helped me so much with my back, stress relief and a leg problem I was having.  She also works on the head which I have not found any massage therapist to do in this area.  She is professional in the warmest way with a natural calling, an angel here on earth to provide comfort to those who need her the most.  She will be greatly missed by all those who have been blessed to have known her here.  M S Michigan

* Sharon Schandel has given me a massage and it was wonderful.  She is very professional in her procedures, with the proper intensity. I felt comfort for many days later.  J M Michigan

* Dear Sharon, Thank you for the professional massage therapy. After each session I felt as if I had been through a healing session from the stress and pressures of my life. I wish you and your husband the best in Alaska. K Michigan

* Sharon Schandel has been a big help to my health since I met her in 2012.  I have experienced massages from many people over many years, and I can honestly say that my experience with Sharon has been the most relaxing and effective out of all of my past experiences.  I have been suffering from back pain on and off for many years, and it seemed that each time I had an appointment my overall energy and lack of issues with my back increased.  Sharon may not have the overall years of experience compared to other massage therapists I have worked with, but I believe her overall life experiences weigh in significantly in this regard.  She is clearly well educated about muscle structure and has a very good idea on how to proceed with different issues for different people. I know this because she also helped my wife with her back pain over the last year or so. Sharon is also very compassionate about her approach to healing others, and she is also very down to earth.  I will miss her personality as well as her professionalism.  M H Michigan

* Prior to receiving massage therapy from Sharon Schandel I received physical therapy and massage therapy for a strained muscle in my shoulder and neck area. The physical therapy seemed to improve the worst of the pain, but I continued to feel some occasional tightness in my shoulder and neck area. This had been ongoing for about 1 year. After several massage sessions with Sharon Schandel, I feel a definite improvement and loosening of the muscle in my shoulder and neck area.  Sharon takes the time to discuss the available massage techniques that may be helpful to the client and follow-up after the massage to make certain that the client’s trouble spot(s) are improving. She also gives tips that the client can do at home such as some simple stretching that should aid in keeping the affected muscle loose. I recommend Sharon Schandel as a massage therapist to all my friends and family due to the improvement I feel in my shoulder and neck muscles as well as the knowledgeable and professional manner she projects in her interaction with clients.  D P Michigan

 * Dear Sharon, I want to thank you for the wonderful massages you have given to me over the past two years. Your space is always lovely, welcoming, and private. Your gentle, intuitive, touch and quiet way of making people feel calm and safe in your presence is truly a gift. I could never think of one thing I wanted to ask you to change. Each time, you listened to my special needs and requests. After every massage, my body, mind, and spirit were renewed. Thank you so much for sharing your very special gifts with me. Best wishes in your return to Alaska. Merry Christmas and a very blessed new year to you and your loved ones. Most sincerely, K S Michigan